Ida - Viru Trade OÜ


A place Type of work
1. Salbris, France reconstruction of public houses
2. Helsinki, Finland cold store
3. Ilmajoki, Finland waste - Fertilizer plant
4. Rovaniemi, Finland Bioelectric power station
5. Narva, Estonia Kerese Training Center
6. Narva, Estonia Kerese Business - Shopping Center
7. Rapla, Estonia Shopping Center
8. Püssi, Estonia Particleboard and fiberboard
9. Narva, Estonia SPA Hotel Narva
10. Tallinn, Estonia SPA Hotel Tallinn
11. Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn Hotel FORUM
12. Rakvere, Estonia meat factory
13. Tallinn, Estonia Shopping Center KAMATS
14. St. Petersburg Pharmaceutical factory
15. St. Petersburg Business Shopping Center
16. Tallinn, Estonia Viru prison
17. Jõhvi, Estonia Business Shopping Center
18. Shopping centers in Estonia and abroad
19. Residential houses in Estonia
20. Paris, France Reconstruction of public buildings
21. Moscow LUKOIL, head office
22. Moscow VTB24 Bank, General Directorate
23. Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn Prison
24. Tallinn, Estonia Department of electricity and automation 1. Office building and parking.
25. Tallinn, Estonia house on Lahepea St 7, 4th floor
26. Tallinn, Estonia house on Rotermanni No. 28
27. Johvi, Estonia The main station, 110/35/6 / 0,4 KV
28. BLRT ERA, TALLINN, KLAIPEDA, ports (sea vessels)
29. Manufacturing of low-voltage distribution and automation for currents up to 4000A, with the form of section 1-4. with removable and retractable blocks. NKU distribution for currents 4000, 5000 and 6300 A with the form of section 1-4.:
- Input and distribution devices for currents up to 6300A
- Automatic power backup systems
- Automatic reactive energy compensation systems
- Systems for automation of tracking and control of power complexes
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